Bluepad32 v3.5 released!

TL;DR: Support for Amiga and Atari ST mice, USB console, and re-connect improvements. I ‘m happy to announce that Bluepad32 v3.5 has been released. It contains two new big features: Mouse support Console and many fixes & improvements here and there. Mouse support Mouse support has been added both at the “core” level, and atContinue reading “Bluepad32 v3.5 released!”

UniJoystiCle: Giving Eagle a try

I like Fritzing. I think it is great for small projects and it is very easy to use. But it has its limitations when creating the PCB, mostly because its component library is not very complete. Eagle, on the other hand, is more difficult to use. But its component library is very polished. Also, companies likeContinue reading “UniJoystiCle: Giving Eagle a try”

To MSDN or not to MSDN

A long time ago I was a Windows developer. I developed for user mode, kernel mode, win32 stuff, etc. And having a MSDN subscription was a must-have. Not only because Visual Studio was included, but also because you were able to download “debug” builds of the whole Operating System; and also you had access to allContinue reading “To MSDN or not to MSDN”

Use Windows 8.1

You need Windows 8 in order to develop for Windows Phone 8. Windows 7 won’t work. But avoid Windows 8, it is confusing. Use Windows 8.1 instead. And boot directly into the “Desktop”. Avoid the annoying “Start” thing.  Good news: the upgrade from 8 to 8.1 is free. You should  know that there are manyContinue reading “Use Windows 8.1”

Vuelta al ruedo

Stefan festejó su cumpleaños, y que mejor manera que hacerlo con un paseo alrededor de San Francisco. Fue una suerte de Uni SF Tour, pero un poco más chico, con un día espectacular. De los mejores días de San Francisco. Muy soleado, sin una nube, con mucho calor. Yo había estado 4 semanas parado porContinue reading “Vuelta al ruedo”