What is The UniJoystiCle?

It is a unicycle simulator for the Commodore 64. It allows you to play a unicycle video game using a real unicycle.

It also allows you to play games with real Game Controllers, or by using gravity. But that is secondary. More info here.

It consists of:

  • The video game: The Uni Games for the Commodore 64
  • The WiFi device, and its firmware
  • The smartphone application

The The Uni Games video game

Coded 100% in 6502 assembly language, this video game features:

  • Player-vs-Player or Player-vs-Computer mode
  • Three events:
    • Road Race
    • Cyclo Cross
    • Cross Country
  • Realistic physics
  • Cutting edge graphics
  • Awesome music

Available for the Commodore 64 (and Commodore 128). Supports PAL,  NTSC and Drean machines.

The Uni Games 5 1/4″floppy disk


The UniJoystiCle WiFi device

Decodes joystick movements sent from your smartphone. It forwards the received data back to the Commodore 64.

The UniJoystiCle in all its beauty

The WiFi device consists of:

  • The firmware, that runs in the ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller
  • And the board:
UniJoystiCle WiFi device v0.4.1

Coded 100% in C++, the firmware uses a fast network protocol. Responsiveness is a top priority. Works with any ESP8266 module, and its range is more than 1000ft.


The UniJoystiCle smartphone application


This smartphone application reads the accelerometer data from the smartphone and converts it to joystick movements. It sends the data to the UniJoystiCle WiFi device in a fast and reliable way. Reliability a responsiveness is a top priority.


  • UniJoystiCle mode: Use this mode to play The Uni Games and any other game that can be played in rotating the joystick, like the Bike event in Summer Games II.
  • D-pad mode: To play the rest of the games, like Commando, Bruce Lee, etc.
  • Commando mode: Control both joysticks at the same time from just one Game Controller.
  • Gyruss mode: A novel way to play Gyruss and Gyruss-like video games.
  • Commodore Home mode:  For “Commodore Home“, home automation for the masses, not the classes


Download it directly from the iOS App Store / Google Play Store:

UniJoystiCle App StoreGet it on Google Play

Or alternatively, you can download the source code and compile it yourself.

What people are saying

 “Unicycles are totally the next immersive video game experience”



 “The world’s first unicycle controller, and the first video game to use this truly immersive, better than Oculus”


 “You Can Finally Control A Video Game With A Unicycle”


Order The UniJoystiCle WiFi device today!

Option A) The Board

The UniJoystiCle WiFi Board
  • $50 + shipping
  • Fully tested + assembled + soldered

Option B) The Kit

The UniJoystiCle WiFi Kit
  • $30 + shipping
  • Includes all the needed components
  • Soldering required. All components are through-hole
  • Firmware comes pre-installed

Option C) DIY

To order it, contact me at: https://twitter.com/ricardoquesada or unijoysticle@gmail.com

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