Bluepad32 v3.5 released!

TL;DR: Support for Amiga and Atari ST mice, USB console, and re-connect improvements.

I ‘m happy to announce that Bluepad32 v3.5 has been released. It contains two new big features:

  • Mouse support
  • Console

and many fixes & improvements here and there.

Mouse support

Some of the supported mice

Mouse support has been added both at the “core” level, and at a “platform” level.

By “core” level, I mean that all platforms (Unijoysticle, NINA/AirLift, Arduino, etc.) receive the mouse information: x & y movement and the Left, Middle and Right buttons.

And by “platform” level, I mean that the Unijoysticle platform transforms the mouse data into quadrature events that both Amiga and Atari ST computers can understand.

Using mouse on the Amiga 500

See the complete list of supported mice here: supported mice

Console support

Before v3.5, it was possible to see the logs by connecting to a serial terminal (e.g: via a USB cable).

Now, it is possible to interact with the serial terminal. Just connect the device with a USB cable, and type:

minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0

Some useful commands are:

  • list_devices: dumps info about connected devices
  • set_bluetooth_enabled <1 | 0>: To enable/disable Bluetooth pairing mode
  • set_mouse_scale <scalee>: To change how fast/slow the mouse should move
  • set_autofire_cps: To change the rate of autofire
  • help: To see all the available commands 🙂

Other improvements

  • DualSense and DualShock 3 / 4: Reconnect works!
  • Improved Switch controllers re-connection
  • DualShock 3 works without the need to recompile the firmware.
  • Added support for Wii Balance board (experimental)
  • Improvements in different platforms:
    • Unijoysticle: Added support for the A500 device, supports console, and more.
    • NINA/AirLift: Added support for enabling/disabling Bluetooth
    • Arduino: Added support for enabling/disabling Bluetooth, added Console class (that uses the new USB Console).

Download and Changelog

Download it from the usual place: Bluepad32 releases

And the complete changelog is here: CHANGELOG


Many thanks for the community for the testing, contributing patches and ideas.

See complete credits here: AUTHORS

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