First tip

First tip
My dual boot Linux/Win machine. Not powerful enough for serious Win Phone development.

Get a good, dedicated Windows machine. Not like this one. VMWare / Parallels is OKish… but I wouldn’t recommend it.

My current notebook has 2 big issues: Low performance and a low-quality trackpad. I remember when I switched from a Dell XPS 12″ to a MacBook 13″ around 2008. One thing that called my attention was the size of the MacBook’s trackpad: it was huge. And now it is the opposite: I find that most Windows notebooks have a crappy  trackpad: too small and unresponsive.

So far, the closest thing that I found to a MacBook Retina is a Dell XPS 15″. It will arrive next week, and it will be my main Windows developer’s machine. I’ll let you know how good it is.

Apparently all new modern Windows notebooks come with a touchscreen. As a developer, I’m not interested in that feature at all. I wish I could remove the “touch” feature from the screen and pay less for the notebook.

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