Introducing Unijoysticle 2+

Unijoysticle 2+

For those not familiar with Unijoysticle 2, it is a device that allows you to use modern Bluetooth gamepads like Sony DualSense or Nintendo Switch controllers (to name just a few) on old computers like the Commodore 64 or Amiga.

What’s new in version 2+:

  • Case friendly: lower profile, LEDs & buttons are close the border and has mounting holes.
  • Looks nicer: Uses SMD components for almost everything
  • Supports buttons 2 & 3 in port #2. Some Amiga games might use them.
  • Cheaper to manufacture. I reduced the price from $60 to $35

Comparison between the two

Unijoysticle 2Unijoysticle 2+
Case friendlyNo (1)Yes
Size63 x 66 x 17 mm64 x 64 x 12 mm
Weight35 grams24 grams
Current~95 mA (2)~100 mA (2)
Amiga / Atari ST
2nd & 3rd buttons
NoYes (3)
Filter nose in C128 (bug)NoYes
Self-poweredYes, can be turned on/off with switchYes, always on
External powerBoth USB and Barrel Jack 5V+USB only
Easy to solderYesNo
Price $60 (assembled) / $35 (kit)$35 (assembled)
Comparison between Unijoysticle 2 and Unijoysticle 2+


  • 1: Work-around: turn off the “self power” switch.
  • 2: Tested with only one gamepad connected in “Basic” mode. In “Enhanced” mode, both draw ~102 mA.
  • 3: Requires firmware update. Work in progress.

The rationale behind the changes

Barrel Jack removed: It was no longer needed. It was added in the first revision of Unijoysticle 2 because “self-power” was not supported back then. But I added “self-power” in Rev. D, and the Barrel Jack was no longer needed. In case a user needs to power the device from an external source, the USB port can be used.

Self-power switch removed: I originally added this feature as a “just in case”. And in fact, it fixes the “C128 noise” when the switch is off. In any case, a capacitor was added in Unijoysticle 2+ to prevent to noise, so the switch was no longer needed.

Case friendly: Many users requested a case for the Unijoysticle 2. I tried to design one, but it was not easy and I gave up. But it should be easier to design one for the 2+. BTW, I haven’t designed one yet… but I should have one ready soon™.

Kit vs assembled unit: I’m only offering the Unijoysticle 2+ as an assembled unit. Doesn’t make sense to offer a kit where most of the components are SMD.

Price : The new price for the assembled unit is $35 (from $60), and I’m no longer offering the Kit (which was $35). This is two-fold:

  • Time (main reason): I’m using JLCPCB for manufacturing + assembly. This reduces the time that I have to spend on each unit.
  • Components price: SMD components are slightly cheaper than through-hole ones. But on the other hand I’m using a 4-layer PCB which increases the price a little bit.

Tindie: To further reduce my time, I’m using Tindie as the store-front. Better for the users (don’t have to send me an email), better for me (spend less time).

This that hasn’t changed

Open source / open hardware

Not only I’m making everything open source & open hardware so that you can create your own device, but I also welcome “competition”. If you want to sell your own devices, please go ahead. All the profit is for you. Just let me know so that I can add your product in the “3rd party devices” section.

Available for trade

I trade a Unijoysticle 2+ unit for one of your own retro inventions / creations. It works like this:

  • I send you a Unijoysticle 2+ device (I pay the shipping)
  • You send me one of your retro inventions/creations (you pay the shipping)
    • It could be a magazine, video game, device, etc… (must be retro-related)

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