The UniJoystiCle v0.4 released

Christmas is coming. Treat yourself with The UniJoystiCle v0.4, and be the cool kid in the block by playing The Uni Games like a pro (that’s it with real unicycles!):

Highlights of v0.4

WiFi Device

The WiFi Device v0.4.1
  • Smaller real estate: Fits in all C64/128 models, including the C128D / SX-64 machines
  • Using Wemos D1 Mini instead of NodeMCU
  • Blue instead of red


  • New WiFi modes: Station and WPS modes
  • Auto-reset joystick state after inactivity timeout
  • Online-firmware update
  • Stats:
    • How many joystick movements
    • How many seconds spent in joystick movements


  • Android Client: Yay, Android has its own client. Similar to iOS, but without the Gyruss mode.
    • Supports any Android game controller like OUYA, Amazon Fire, Moya, etc.
  • Desktop Client:
    • Supports Dpad, Commando and Commodore Home modes
    • Windows version: Supports any Xinput game controller (like the Xbox 360 or newer controllers)
    • Mac version: Supports any MFi game controller
  • iOS Client: Added Commodore Home mode
    • Supports both MFi and iCade game controllers

Read the complete Changelog here.

Game Controllers support

Most, if not all of the existing game controllers can be used with The UniJoystiCle:

  • Windows controllers: All Xinput game controllers are supported natively (Xbox 360 or newer controllers)
    • DirectInput game controllers can be used with x360ce
  • iOS / Mac controllers:
  • Android controllers:
    • Native support for Android game controllers, including forks like OUYA

“Commando Mode” button mapping

Improved button mapping in Commando Mode:

  • Button A:  Fire Joy#2
  • Button B: Fire Joy#1 (eg: grenades in Commando, special weapon in Turrican II, bombs in Drop Zone)
  • Button X: Down Joy #1 (eg: cloak in DropZone)
  • Button Y: Right Joy #1 (eg: cloak in DropZone)



Believe it or not, I wrote documentation, yay!


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