UniJoystiCle v0.4.0-RC released!

UniJoystiCle v0.4.0-RC (Release Candidate) released. Mega update!

UniJoystiCle WiFi device v0.4.1
UniJoystiCle WiFi device v0.4.1


Latest versions can be downloaded from here:  http://ricardoquesada.github.io/unijoysticle/


  • Use your Xbox game controllers to play C64 games! (from the Win32 client)
  • Use any iOS or Android game controller to play C64 games! (from the iOS/ Android client)
  • Play games like Commando and Turrican II by only using your game controller. “Space” is mapped to button “B”. There is no need to press the “spacebar”
  • Put your device in Station mode (share your local Wifi network).

Full Changelog:

  • [NEW] Docs: Added documentation. See DOCUMENTATION.md
  • [NEW] ESP8266 Schematic: Reduced real state. Compatible with C128D and SX-64
  • [NEW] ESP8266 Schematic: Uses Wemos D1 Mini v2 instead of NodeMCU to reduce the real state even more. Making it smaller than 5x5cm. Cheaper to produce
  • [NEW] Firmware: Added support for Station mode with or without WPS.
  • [NEW] Firmware: Added stats: how many joysticks movements are done, and how
    many seconds are spent in each movement
  • [NEW] Firmware: Added mini webserver (http://unijoysticle.local). Use it to
    view the stats, to set SSID/passwd, to change to Station mode, to
    change the MDNS name, to set the interval timeout, and more
  • [NEW] Client: Added Commando Mode:
    • Control both c64 joysticks with one game controller.
    • Ideal for games like Commando or Turrican 2 were the grenades can be thrown with button B.
    • Buttons B, X and Y are mapped to Joy#1 fire (or space), Joy#1 down and
      Joy#1 right respectively
  • [NEW] Client: Added Commodore Home mode:
    • It’s “Home automation for the masses, not the classes”
    • Replaced the old Linear mode
  • [NEW] Android Client: new client for android. Supports:
    • UniJoystiCle mode
    • Dpad mode + controllers: Generic and OUYA game controllers
    • Commando mode: Generic and OUYA game controllers
    • Commodore Home mode
    • Settings
    • Resolves unijoyticle.local address
    • Can display the server stats from Settings
    • Basically it supports all iOS features except Gyruss mode
  • [NEW] iOS Client: D-Pad works with MFi and iCade game controllers.
    • When in iCade mode, button A and D act as Fire, and buttons B and C and jump
  • [NEW] iOS Client: When using game controllers, optionally jump with button B.
  • [NEW] iOS Client: When using game controllers, buttons A and B can be swapped
  • [NEW] Tests: New Commodore 64 prg to test the UniJoystiCle + instructions
  • [FIX] Android Client / iOS Client: In settings, the default WiFi address is ‘unijoysticle.local’
    (instead of Needed when in Station mode
  • [FIX] Android Client / iOS Client: Instead of sending the state 60 times per
    seconds, it sends twice per state change. Saves battery life!
  • [FIX] iOS Client: Gravity Mode renamed to Gyruss Mode
  • [FIX] iOS Client: UniJoystiCle Mode: rotation direction fixed.
  • [FIX] iOS Client: Settings: refactored. Looks nicer. Using Navigation Controller + TableView
  • [FIX] iOS Client: Launch screen is the same as the first initial screen. Better UX
  • [FIX] iOS Client: Settings + Launch screen work both in Portrait and Landscape modes
  • [FIX] iOS Client: source code migrated to Swift 3.0 (Xcode 8.1)

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