Commando 2084 – a game for the Commodore 64

Commando 2084

Commando 2084 is the mix between Commando and Robotron 2084: it is like the original Commando game, but using the Robotron 2084 controls.

You play it using the two joysticks at the same time:

  • Joy #2 controls the hero direction
  • Joy #1 controls the bullets direction

But better if you play it with a Unijoysticle 2 with a Dualshok4 gamepad (or similar).



  • Controls are like in Robotron 2084. Use two joysicks (or one Unijoysticle):
    • Joystick #2 to control the hero direction
    • Joystick #1 to control the fire direction
    • Autofire is enabled
    • ‘Space’ to throw grenades.
  • Levels 2 and 3 have bosses (enemies taken from Robotron 2084)
    • The SFX used when these bossed are killed, are unused SFX from the original Commando.
  • Difficulty increased, otherwise the game would be too easy to play:
    • No extra lives
    • 28 soldiers are inside forts, instead of 20
  • Flickers were reduced, but there are still a few. Changes made to reduce flickering:
    • Uses double-buffer multiplexer
    • Faster sorting algorithm
    • Faster “view port” rendering
    • Music is played outside IRQ
    • Unrolled some functions like “apply delta”
    • And other tiny improvements here and there
  • Smaller binary, single load
    • Removed unused data/code
    • Packed everything in a single binary
    • Compressed binary using exomizer
  • Misc fixes


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