VChar64 v0.0.10 released

VChar64 v0.0.10 is available for download:logo512

VChar64 Client running on Mac and VChar64 server running on a C128D


  • Live preview with the VChar64 TCP/IP Server for the C64 and C128 (in C128 mode)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Full changelogCHANGELOG v0.0.10

VChar64 v0.0.9 released

VChar64 v0.0.9 is available for download:


  • MDI support: Multiple open documents at the same time
  • Copy & Paste tiles between documents even if they have different interleave options
  • Bug fixes

Full changelogCHANGELOG v0.0.9

VChar64 v0.0.7 released

VChar64 v0.0.7 released. You can download it from here:logo512

New features:

  • Added C64 Palettes: Pepto, VICE, CCS64, Frodo, Grayscale
  • Copy + Paste using block selection
  • Displays selected char on statusbar
  • Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4 and Ctrl-M to select background, foreground, multicolor1, multicolor2 and Multicolor Mode

Complete Changelog: CHANGELOG

VChar64 v0.0.7

VChar64 v0.0.5 released

logo512I’ve just released VChar64 v0.0.5.



  • Max tile size is 8×8 (previous was 5×5)
  • Right click works as paiting with background color
  • Fixed compiler warnings
  • Better name suggestions when saving and exporting files
  • Added support for importing CharPad 2.0 files
  • If chars were modified, it asks before quitting and before starting a new one
  • Added icon
  • Added option to load lowercase chars
  • Cue in dialog if chars were modified