VChar64 v0.2.2 released and other news

VChar64 v0.2.2 released Download: Mac: vchar64-0.2.2.mac.dmg Win32: Source code: Release notes here: UniJoystiCle news I started working on the paddle/mouse support. I’m using an ESP32 instead of the ESP8266. Progress is documented here (spanish): UniJoystiCle + Paddle/Mouse support  progress

VChar64: caca powered!

Latest VChar64 commit hash: commit caca91345d177ded6b9b8f6a8adeaadc3611a29e Author: Ricardo Quesada Date: Mon Mar 14 15:31:41 2016 -0700 fix: use the correct URL to open the documentation And this is how git describe shows it: $ git describe –abbrev=4 –dirty –always –tags 0.0.12-14-gcaca And that is the command that I use internally to generate the version number:

VChar64 v0.0.12 released

New version, new features. Download Mac: Win32: Changes [NEW] Koala Import: supports importing subregions. Useful when 256 chars are not enough to import the whole bitmap [NEW] Added unknown font. Ripped from here [NEW] VICE snapshot import: Default charset address is the one that was used at the moment the snapshot was taken [NEW] Save/Export: Plays oneContinue reading “VChar64 v0.0.12 released”