The Uni Games – Part II. Reboot

A reboot was needed. I rewrote most of the code. The game is no longer called “The Muni Race”. Instead it is called “The Uni Games” since it will have more than one event (think of “Summer Games” but for unicycles. UNICON basically).

The game will have a more-retro look and feel than before. It will only use PETSCII chars, plus sprites. No redefined characters, no bitmaps. Pure PETSCII. Pure retro effects.

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The Muni Race – Part I

A while ago, in 2008, I started coding a unicycle video game for the PC. I never finished it, but I always wanted to code one. And a few months ago I started coding the game again, but instead of coding it for the PC, I decided to code it for the Commodore 64.

I want to code the game in a retro style. Coding a Commodore 64 game is already retro, and I want to create a retro game for the Commodore 64, like if this game were coded in 1982 instead of 2015. So it would be something like a retro-retro game.

Developing code for the Commodore 64 takes a lot of time, and taking into account that my free time is almost null, my progress is very slow. But so far I managed to code the Intro and About scenes, and I started coding the game mechanics.

If you want try the game, you can download it from here:

Here are some screenshots:

The Muni Race: About. Iteration #1

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