VChar64: character editor for the Commodore 64

I started to code a unicycle game for the Commodore 64. The first thing that I realized was that I needed an game editor, so I started to code one: VChar64. Today I released v0.0.1 which has basic functionality but the functionality that it has, just work. You can download it from here: Download: Features:Continue reading “VChar64: character editor for the Commodore 64”

Coding for the Commodore 64: What changed in the last 25 years

I stopped developing for the Commodore 64 in 1993. Since then a lot has happened: Back in late 80’s ~ beginning of 90’s: I did all my coding using the Commodore 128’s MONITOR command That means no text editor, no compiler, no linker. Similar to the command that used to be in DOS Since I didn’t use a text editor, I put allContinue reading “Coding for the Commodore 64: What changed in the last 25 years”