From iPhone 4S to Lumia 1520


In order to have a better understanding of Windows Phone, I’m migrating from my old and tiny  iPhone 4S (3.5″ display) to the huge Lumia 1520 (6″ display), (Thanks MS for the gift).

I’m also switching carriers, from Verizon to AT&T.

My very first impression is that Windows Phone is different. I’m not saying it is worse or better than iOS,  it is just different. It is an smartphone , so it has Apps,  a Store,  Maps, Messages, and more… but with a different interface. If you are coming from iOS or Android it might take a while to get used to it.

As an example, the “Start” screen is the start screen (sic)…  and it has “live tiles“. A tile is like an bookmark (or symbolic link) to an app but “live”: it can change its “icon” in runtime. You can also change the size of the tiles, and re-order them.


From the “start” screen you can transition to the “apps” screen with a swipe to the left. It contains a alphabetically-sorted list ofall your installed apps… as long as the apps are not games.  Games are stored in another container called “games” 🙂  So, you won’t find any games in the “apps” screen… you can’t even search for installed games from the “apps” screen.

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