Disassembling 6502 code with Radare – Part II

Let’s crack a simple game. If you are not familiar with Radare, read Part I first. Creating and opening a VICE Snapshot file Let’s crack BC’s Quest For Tires since its copy-protection is easy to bypass. Unzip this file: http://tapes.c64.no/tapes/BCsQuestForTires.zip Open the tap file with VICE (the most popular Commodore 64 emulator), and.. …the game has some kindContinue reading “Disassembling 6502 code with Radare – Part II”

Disassembling 6502 code with Radare – Part I

Radare is an open source portable reversing framework that can do many things, among those things it can disassemble 6502 code. Download and install radare First, download radare from github. You need a recent version in order to disassemble 6502 code. And then install it by running sys/install.sh (or sys/user.sh for local installation): $ git clone https://github.com/radare/radare2.gitContinue reading “Disassembling 6502 code with Radare – Part I”