Constelación Commodore

El amigo @SirArthur72 tiene un podcast de Commodore llamado Constelación Commodore. Es un podcast lleno de información de aquella época. En particular la sección “Bunkerpedia” es para escucharla varias veces, con toda la historia de Commodore, desde sus primeros inicios, hasta el final, lleno de detalles. Una particularidad del podcast, es que cada episodio dura másContinue reading “Constelación Commodore”

Disassembling 6502 code with Radare – Part I

Radare is an open source portable reversing framework that can do many things, among those things it can disassemble 6502 code. Download and install radare First, download radare from github. You need a recent version in order to disassemble 6502 code. And then install it by running sys/ (or sys/ for local installation): $ git clone reading “Disassembling 6502 code with Radare – Part I”

VChar64 v0.0.7 released

VChar64 v0.0.7 released. You can download it from here: Win32: Mac: vchar64-0.0.7.dmg Tarball: Github: New features: Added C64 Palettes: Pepto, VICE, CCS64, Frodo, Grayscale Copy + Paste using block selection Displays selected char on statusbar Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4 and Ctrl-M to select background, foreground, multicolor1, multicolor2 and Multicolor Mode Complete Changelog: CHANGELOG

VChar64 v0.0.6 released

VChar64 v0.0.6 released. You can download it from here: Win32: Mac: vchar64-0.0.6.dmg Tarball: Github: New features: Undo / Redo Dockable panes Saves/Restores the window state and geometry. First release that includes binaries! Complete Changelog: CHANGELOG

VChar64 v0.0.5 released

I’ve just released VChar64 v0.0.5. Download: Changelog: Max tile size is 8×8 (previous was 5×5) Right click works as paiting with background color Fixed compiler warnings Better name suggestions when saving and exporting files Added support for importing CharPad 2.0 files If chars were modified, it asks before quitting and before starting a new oneContinue reading “VChar64 v0.0.5 released”

C64 SDKBOX intro at Casual Connect 2015 SF

I did a quick’n’dirty intro for the C64 to promote SDKBOX at Casual Connect 2015 SF. I took the scroller+rasterbar effects from the game that I’m doing, I took the music from somewhere, the fonts from somewhere, I added some simple moving bars at the top… and done. I only had one day to doContinue reading “C64 SDKBOX intro at Casual Connect 2015 SF”

VChar64: character editor for the Commodore 64

I started to code a unicycle game for the Commodore 64. The first thing that I realized was that I needed an game editor, so I started to code one: VChar64. Today I released v0.0.1 which has basic functionality but the functionality that it has, just work. You can download it from here: Download: Features:Continue reading “VChar64: character editor for the Commodore 64”