C64 Remote Controller: Prototype v0.1 works!…

…or How to use a 64-bit machine to control a Commodore 64.   No schematics or PCBs yet. But at least I have the materials that I’m using: One Lolin NodeMCU (should work with any other ESP8266 that have at least five GPIOs) Two 4066 ICs. I’m using this one. …and this is the software thatContinue reading “C64 Remote Controller: Prototype v0.1 works!…”

C64 Remote Controller: NodeMCU vs. Adafruit Huzzah vs. SparkFun Thing vs…

Requirements for the c64 controller A micro-controller. I doesn’t need to be very powerful, just powerful enough to handle some UDP connections and configuring some GPIOs. Flash-able firmware: If possible with support for Arduino IDE (or similar). C++ preferred. Micropython could be a nice backup plan. WiFi Some GPIOs Which module to choose There many alternatives, and theseContinue reading “C64 Remote Controller: NodeMCU vs. Adafruit Huzzah vs. SparkFun Thing vs…”

The Uni Games – Part II. Reboot

A reboot was needed. I rewrote most of the code. The game is no longer called “The Muni Race”. Instead it is called “The Uni Games” since it will have more than one event (think of “Summer Games” but for unicycles. UNICON basically). The game will have a more-retro look and feel than before. It willContinue reading “The Uni Games – Part II. Reboot”

VChar64: caca powered!

Latest VChar64 commit hash: commit caca91345d177ded6b9b8f6a8adeaadc3611a29e Author: Ricardo Quesada Date: Mon Mar 14 15:31:41 2016 -0700 fix: use the correct URL to open the documentation And this is how git describe shows it: $ git describe –abbrev=4 –dirty –always –tags 0.0.12-14-gcaca And that is the command that I use internally to generate the version number:

Repairing the Commodore 1581 floppy disk drive. Part 1

I got my 1581 like one year ago. It worked for 2 or 3 weeks and it stopped working. The stepper and the motor weren’t moving. So I guessed that the “floppy drive” was broken. Quick introduction: the Commodore floppy disk drives have 2 major components: The controller board: which has the 6502, RAM, ROM andContinue reading “Repairing the Commodore 1581 floppy disk drive. Part 1”

VChar64 v0.0.12 released

New version, new features. Download Mac: vchar64-0.0.12.dmg.zip Win32: vchar64-0.0.12.win32.zip Changes [NEW] Koala Import: supports importing subregions. Useful when 256 chars are not enough to import the whole bitmap [NEW] Added unknown font. Ripped from here [NEW] VICE snapshot import: Default charset address is the one that was used at the moment the snapshot was taken [NEW] Save/Export: Plays oneContinue reading “VChar64 v0.0.12 released”

Disassembling 6502 code with Radare – Part II

Let’s crack a simple game. If you are not familiar with Radare, read Part I first. Creating and opening a VICE Snapshot file Let’s crack BC’s Quest For Tires since its copy-protection is easy to bypass. Unzip this file: http://tapes.c64.no/tapes/BCsQuestForTires.zip Open the tap file with VICE (the most popular Commodore 64 emulator), and.. …the game has some kindContinue reading “Disassembling 6502 code with Radare – Part II”