WWDC 2014 announcements as a game developer

At WWDC 2014, Apple announced new features for iOS and OS X. These are my thoughts: Swift Swift is a new programming language by Apple. At first sight, it seems to be easier to learn and easier to master than Objective-C. Objective-C is not particular difficult to learn and master, but its syntax looks foreignContinue reading “WWDC 2014 announcements as a game developer”

Integrating LiquidFun with Cocos2d-x: Part I

From LiquidFun’s site: Based on Box2d, LiquidFun features particle-based fluid simulation. Game developers can use it for new game mechanics and add realistic physics to game play. Designers can use the library to create beautiful fluid interactive experiences. Basically LiquidFun is Box2d plus an extension to simulate fluids using a particle system. To test it,Continue reading “Integrating LiquidFun with Cocos2d-x: Part I”

Dell XPS 15: Quick Review

I’ve been using a Dell XPS 15 for a week, and this is my review (from a developer’s point of view): Pros: Display: It has a nice 15″ display with a resolution of 3200 x 1800 (higher DPI than the MacBook Retina Display). Weight: It is a light notebook, of about 2 kilos. It isContinue reading “Dell XPS 15: Quick Review”

Vistual Studio: First steps

Goals Compile and run cocos2d-x tests on the emulator Set a breakpoint in Visual Studio. Running cpp-test on the Emulator 1. Download cocos2d-x v3.0 2. Unzip it and then go to cocos2d-x/build directory $ cd cocos2d-x/build 3. Open cocos2d-wp8.vc2012.sln with Visual Studio $ start cocos2d-wp8.vc2012.sln 4. Set cpp-tests (Windows Phone Silverlight 8) as the defaultContinue reading “Vistual Studio: First steps”

From iPhone 4S to Lumia 1520

In order to have a better understanding of Windows Phone, I’m migrating from my old and tiny  iPhone 4S (3.5″ display) to the huge Lumia 1520 (6″ display), (Thanks MS for the gift). I’m also switching carriers, from Verizon to AT&T. My very first impression is that Windows Phone is different. I’m not saying itContinue reading “From iPhone 4S to Lumia 1520”

Comparing prices

Let’s compare some prices. iOS: Xcode is free You have to pay $99 per year in order to submit games to the AppStore. Android: The SDK and NDK are free There is a $25 one-time-only fee in order to submit games to Google Play Windows Phone 8: VS Express 2013 and Windows Phone 8 SDKContinue reading “Comparing prices”

To MSDN or not to MSDN

A long time ago I was a Windows developer. I developed for user mode, kernel mode, win32 stuff, etc. And having a MSDN subscription was a must-have. Not only because Visual Studio was included, but also because you were able to download “debug” builds of the whole Operating System; and also you had access to allContinue reading “To MSDN or not to MSDN”

Use Windows 8.1

You need Windows 8 in order to develop for Windows Phone 8. Windows 7 won’t work. But avoid Windows 8, it is confusing. Use Windows 8.1 instead. And boot directly into the “Desktop”. Avoid the annoying “Start” thing.  Good news: the upgrade from 8 to 8.1 is free. You should  know that there are manyContinue reading “Use Windows 8.1”