This is the diary of Ricardo Quesada, a software developer who creates games, game engines and other stuff for for different platforms in different languages.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. I would ask you about VR and cocos2dx. For current version 3.17.3 VR test commented in cocos2dx test list. I uncommented, but VR test crashed on my device. Do you known something about this? Do we use VR feature in latest cocos2dx 3.17? Also, i’m very interesting VR with real time. Maybe you known something about this. Thank you)!

  2. I don’t see an option to export charsets to a regular font format. I want to import a VICE screenshot and then output, say, a TTF of the charset being used. It doesn’t have to be TTF. Just something that a modern day program will recognize so I can use it outside of a Commodore64 (or even then convert to TTF if I have to). Right now, I think the only other thing that will read what vchar64 outputs are those animated LED displays.

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