RetroChallenge: Update #3

What’s new since last update:

  • Gears to control the dimmer kind of working. They are somewhat fragile ATM.
  • Desktop UniJoystiCle Controller working.
    UniJoystiCle Controller
    UniJoystiCle Controller: Desktop versio


  • Add adapter to header printer so that it can move the dimmer
  • User port-power supply cable the for SX-64
  • Voice-recognition for the mobile client: “Hey Commodore, turn off the light”.

Optional feature:

  • Add music to the c64. So it will have two features: play music, and control the lights. If I add this feature I’ll rename it to “Commodore Home” or something like that.


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cocos2d, unicyclist, commodore 8-bit

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