RetroChallenge: C64 I.D.IoT.R Update #2

UniJoystiCle WiFi receiver v0.4.0. Compatible with SX64 and C128D
  • Ordered a rubber belt + pulley to control the dimmer from the printer header
  • New UniJoystiCle PCB arrived (v0.4.0). I assembled one and works Ok both on the SX64 and the C128D. I just need to create a “user port” power cable for the SX64 since it doesn’t have a datasette port.
  • Started the UniJoystiCle desktop client in order to control the dimmer from the PC/Mac.
New UniJoystiCle Controller client for Windows, Mac and Linux


  • UniJoystiCle Desktop Client: Linear Mode, finish it.
  • UniJoystiCle Desktop Client: Commando Mode, finish it (although not needed for the dimmer)
  • UniJoystiCle Desktop Client: DPad Mode, finish it (although not needed for the dimmer)
  • Assemble the rubber belt + pulley and connect it to the printer header
  • Create user-port power cable to be used with the SX64 for the UniJoystiCle WiFi module
  • C64 I.D.IoT.R app: Add voice, probably using SAM or similar.
  • UniJoystiCle iOS/Android Client: Support voice commands in Linear Mode so people can say: “Ok Commodore, turn on the lights”
    • Quick and Easy: Just support keyboard input
    • More complex but more “professional”: Add support

And I guess that’s it.

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