Retrochallenge: Building the C64 I.D.IoT.R

I started building the C64 I.D.IoT.R a few months ago, but never finished it. What better than to finish it for the Retro Challenge contest.

C64 I.D.IoT.R is a smart light controlled from a C64. Its name means:

  • C64: Commodore 64
  • I: Intelligent
  • D: Dimmer
  • IoT: Internet Of Things:
  • R: RRRRR

What I have done so far is this: (and is not part of the contest since I built it two months ago):

My goal for the Retro Challenge is to finish it. That includes:

  • Somehow connect the printer header to the dimmer. Some gears + pulley will be needed.
  • Use a SX64 instead of the C64 since it takes less space: That includes using an smaller version of the UniJoystiCle, since current version (v0.2.2) doesn’t fit. I also need a power cable from the user or extension port.
  • Add voice control… something like: “Hey Commodore, turn off the lights”.

Basically, I want to build something like this:

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cocos2d, unicyclist, commodore 8-bit

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