UniJoystiCle news #1

I’ve just released a new firmware version for the UniJoystiCle (v0.4.0). It supports the new Commando Mode.

The new Android client with Commando mode can be downloaded from here:

The iOS client will be available as soon as Apple approves it (usually a few days) and will be available here:

In order to upgrade the firmware, please follow these steps:

The Commando mode allows you to play games that:

  • use Joy #2 + spacebar (like Command)
  • or 2-player games like Bubble Bobble

and play them directly from the Game Controller.
For example, when playing Commando, you can press Button “B” for the grenades, instead of pressing the spacebar.


If you need help installing the new firmware (or any other question), please, let me know and I’ll happily help you!

You can still use the other modes using the previous firmware

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