UniJoystiCle Commando Mode, Game Controllers and other news

Since UniJoystiCle v0.3 was released back in July many things were added.

Android client:  It has all the iOS features, except Gyruss mode which will be added soon.

iOS client: It is available on the App Store.

Gyruss mode: Allows you to control the direction (up/down/left/right) using gravity.

Linear mode: This was designed to control the header of the MPS-803 printer. More on this on a future blog post.

D-pad mode + Game Controllers: You can use any iOS or Android game controller to play any C64 game. You can even use button “B” to jump, or swap buttons “A” and “B”.

Commando mode: You control both c64 joysticks at the same time from the game controller. The dpad controls Joy #2, while the right stick controls Joy #1. Button “A” triggers Joy #2 fire button, while button “B” triggers Joy #1 fire button. Ideal for games like Commando, were the grenades can be triggered with button “B”.

Videos: Since it easier, at least for me, to create videos than documentation, I created the UniJoystiCle YouTube channel which shows all the new UniJoystiCle features:

And last but not least, Documentation: It explains from how to setup the WiFi device to how to use the different modes. If it confusing or incomplete, please, let me know! Here it is:

Order one: If you are interested in getting one UniJoystiCle, go here:


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