VChar64 v0.2.0 released

VChar64 v0.2.0 is available for download:

New “VICE Import Snapshot” dialog


  • [NEW] Issue #13: Import VICE Snapshot supports importing maps as well
  • [NEW] Issue #14: Possibility to restore the last open files at launch. Enabled by default
  • [NEW] Issue #17: Added “File -> Clone Current Project”
  • [NEW] Auto Update: Check if there is a new version every 7 days. Enabled by default
  • [BUGFIX] Issue #11: Doesn’t crash when clicking radios on empty Koa file
  • [BUGFIX] Issue #15: Menu->Colors->Multicolor are enabled/disabled as expected
  • [BUGFIX] Issue #16: Map/Charset/Tileset: Backward selection works as expected
  • [BUGFIX] Opening an already-open file will activate that window instead of opening a duplicate tab
  • [BUGFIX] Moves references to from empty charset to About dialog
  • [BUGFIX] Fix memory leak when deleting a State instance
  • [BUGFIX] Fix crash when using the Map widget with no open documents
  • [BUGFIX] Settings code unified in Preferences code. OpenLastDir settings bug fixed

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