UniJoystiCle v0.3 released!

Yeaaaaaaaaaah! UniJoystiCle v0.3 was released!

It includes:

  • A beautifully designed PCB
  • A realistic Unicycle game for the Commodore 64
  • A the iPhone application which can be downloaded from the App Store

The new PCB

The new PCB, with the UniJoystiCle logo

Either you can:

But if are really interested in getting one, contact me and I’ll send you a fully assembled one for free. Just convince why you deserve it.

The Uni Games video game

A Commodore 64 game that includes three different events:

  • Road Race
  • Cyclo Cross
  • Cross Country

Download it from here: unigames.d64

(source code here: https://github.com/ricardoquesada/c64-the-uni-games)

The iPhone Application

Get it from the App Store: 


Go and build one! or come and visit CommVEx where I’ll give a demo and give away a few already-made UniJoystiCles!

For further info, go to the UniJoystiCle homepage

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cocos2d, unicyclist, commodore 8-bit

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