VChar64 v0.1.0 released

This is mostly a bug-fix release, focused on improving the workflow.


VChar64 v0.1.0


  • [NEW] Export: saves exported addresses in vcharproj file. Increased version to 3
  • [BUGFIX] Compiles on Ubuntu 16.04
  • [BUGFIX] Export: Export As shows most recent export addresses
  • [BUGFIX] Export: generates an Undo event only if it is different than previous state
  • [BUGFIX] Save: sets the Undo Stack as clean, but doesn’t clear it
  • [BUGFIX] Save: saved files are appended to the recent files entry
  • [BUGFIX] Recent Files: Non existing entries appear as disabled
  • [BUGFIX] Multicolor: radios are enabled/disabled accordingly
  • [BUGFIX] Multicolor: copy & paste updates multicolor as well

Changes in the binaries:

  • Binaries were compiled with Qt 5.7. Previous version was compiled with Qt 5.6
  • Win32 binary was compiled with mingw v5.3. Previous version was using v4.9.2


Published by ricardoquesada

cocos2d, unicyclist, commodore 8-bit

One thought on “VChar64 v0.1.0 released

  1. Best tool for creating logos/games map in char/multi modes for the C64 I met until now.
    Any chance to add a new feature to your tool ?
    – When selecting an area in Map mode I can’t move this selection, add the ability to move the selection on the map (usefull to center a logo for example).

    Many thanks.

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