UniJoystiCle v0.2 released


Download (firmware, iOS client and schematics + board):

Changes in v2.0:

  • [NEW] – ESP8266 Schematic: PCB board version. Protoboard version deprecated
  • [NEW] – ESP8266 Schematic: Added EAGLE board and schematic files. Fritzing diagrams deprecated
  • [NEW] – ESP8266 device: supports 2 joysticks (uses three 4066 ICs instead of two
  • [NEW] – ESP8266 firmware uses AP mode by default. Uses SSID “unijosyticle” + last 2 bytes of mac address
  • [NEW] – iOS Client: Can be configured to use either joystick port
  • [NEW] – iOS Client: Auto-discover ESP8266 firmware using mDNS
  • [NEW] – iOS Client: UniJoystiCle mode also supports up, down and fire (jump)
  • [FIX] – iOS Client: Uses correct aspect rations in all iPhones: 4, 5, 6 and 6+
  • [FIX] – iOS Client: D-Pad mode uses arrows + circle instead of colored squares
  • [FIX] – iOS Client: D-Pad mode highlights buttons when they are pressed
  • [FIX] – Name: Renamed project from Uni-Joysti-Cle to UniJoystiCle (easier to search, shorter to type)
  • [FIX] – ESP8266 device: replaced NodeMCU LoLin with NodeMCU Amica since it is breadboard friendly.
  • [FIX] – Sophisticated Glue Material: Uses gaffer tape, instead of duct tape

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