The SX-64, as it should be

Spot the difference.


Using the 901227-02 KERNAL chip


Using the 251104-04 KERNAL chip

The former owner replaced the original SX-64 KERNAL (251104-04) with a C64 one (901227-02), most probably to be 100% compatible with all the games.

But an SX-64 doesn’t feel like an SX-64 without its unique colors. That’s why I replaced the KERNAL chip again, this time with the original one. Actually I couldn’t find the original chip (the MOS 251104-04) anywhere, so instead, I installed an EPROM chip with the original SX-64 KERNAL programmed into it.

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3 thoughts on “The SX-64, as it should be

  1. I think my 251104 has gone bad. I just bought a 901227 to test it with since I cannot find a 251104. my screen is blank and no keyboard input works, the floppy does start up and stop on power up.

    The 251104 is getting hot after a minute or two.

    Can you tell me if that chip gets hot or not? Also would you be interested in making me an eprom with the kernal like you did?

  2. Ah ok i may have PM’ed him already.. I thought the same thing about it getting hot so thats why I’m thinking thats the issue… Thanks

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