Installing git

So you have Windows 8.1 + Visual Studio 2013 installed. Now you need to install a git client.

My workflow in Mac is:

  • I use git command line about 70% of the time.
  • In the reaming 30% I’m using Tower, Kaleidoscope and Xcode.

So, I was looking for something similar for Windows. And so far, this is my current setup:

  • Mysysgit, for git command line.
  • SourceTree for GUI
  • I couldn’t find a good stand-alone diff-viewer, so I’m using SourceTree’s

What I like about Mysysgit is that it installs a Unix-like shell, with git auto-completion and you can also see the current branch in the shell prompt. That is very handy.


SourceTree is also a pretty good, advanced GUI client for git. I used it a lot in Mac before switching to Tower.

In order to have both Mysysgit and SourceTree working at the same time with your own github repositories, you have to do:

a) Create an ssh key from the git shell by running: ssh-keygen


b) From SourceTree -> Tools -> Options,  import the newly created key. Make sure you select the “OpenSSH” option, and not “Putty”.source-tree-key-config

c) Then, what you have to do is to add the public key in Github.

An alternative option to Mysysgit + SourceTree is to use Github for Windows. But I didn’t like it, its GUI is too basic for my needs.

It is worth noting that Visual Studio 2013 Pro (not Express) comes with built-in git support. It is similar to Xcode’s git support.

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